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Old 07-17-2013, 02:58 PM
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Default ommission of `aaid

Assalamu Alaikum,
This the input from Dr Abdur Rahim regarding post


The word الَّتِي is an ism mawsuul. An ism mawsuul requires a sentence to complete its meaning. This sentence is called صِلَةُ الْمَوصُولِ. This sentence contains a pronoun which refers to the ism mawsuul. This pronoun is called العائِد. The عائد is an integral part of the sentence.
In the sentence ما اسم الزميلة التي دعتها سعاد؟ the pronoun هَا is the عَائد.
If the عائد is the maf"uul, it may be omitted as in the aayah:
لا أعبد ما تعبدون where the عائد has been omitted (ما تعبدونه). If there is no ambiguity, it may be omitted.
In the sentence in question, if the عائد is omitted, and word سعاد has no vowel marks, the sentence can also mean: What is the name of the classmate who invited Su"aad?
With the existence of the عائد this interpretation is not possible.

Hope this has helped you.

abdur rahim
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