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Old 12-15-2017, 02:54 PM
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Default Why Mansub and not marfoo

Original question:
Assalamu alikum
Ive a doubt regarding Br.Asifs Class
In Book 2 ;Chapter 7 ;Excercise number 1 ;Question number 7 he explains the answer as
جلسن عندها عشرين دقيقةً
I know that "dhaqeeqathan" is تمييز and it is mansub...But i cud not make out why it is عشرين and not عشرون..
What is the reason for using mansub form here?
Pls clarify.

Answer from Dr. Abdur Rahim:
In this sentence عشرين is maf"uul Fihi (ظرف زمان). As the number itself does not indicate time it is a naa'ib of the tamyiiz which is the actual zarf.

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