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Old 03-17-2017, 11:08 PM
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Question Lesson 28 exercise 4, question regarding grammatical expressions

As-Salamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters

In Lesson 28 exercise 4, which is video 14B, (but also in some previous lessons from book 2), but especially in lesson 28, Dear brother Asif makes use of a lot of grammatical expressions which are causing some confusion for me as I cannot remember these expressions has ever been explained thoroughly.

I want to understand what he is saying and the reason why it is so.

Asif is talking about verbs and as such he begins with "Fi'lun mudariun.." or "Fi'lun amrin", which I understand, then he follows with different terminology depending on what is going on. For example:

"Marfuun bi-dammatil muqadara"

"Mabniyun ala hadhafi ila"

And he continues with other similar expressions.

Has these expressions ever been explained and if so where?

Do they exist in some chart/sheet?

Where can this be found with an explanation?

May Allah (swt) protect you and bless you!

Your brother in Islam
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Old 03-21-2017, 03:27 AM
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I think brother Asif has been using these expressions since he first introduced Mudari' verbs. I can not remember which video it was.

As you know, each mudari' verb has a "sign" to indicate its 'irabic status. For example: the dummah at the end of Yansuru (He helps) tells us that the verb is marfu'. But a naaqis verb like Yabkee (he cries) does not have dummah at the end, but it still could be marfu'. So we say "Marfu' bi-dammatil muqaddarah" -- that is, it is marfu' with "an estimated dummah", and so on...

Harfu Illah (weak letter / semi vowel) means Ya and Waw. When a naaqis verb becomes majzum, it loses the harfu illah at the end. So we say "Majzum bi-hadhfi harfi illah" -- that is, it is majzum by the "deletion / omission of ya or waw", and so on....

If you find the Arabic terms difficult, just go with the English ones. What really matters is to understand how these verbs change.

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Old 03-21-2017, 10:56 PM
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BarakAllahufik dear brother!

This was exactly what I was missing.

Do we not have some chart with these expressions or will they be explained in detail in book 3?
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