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Old 01-06-2012, 04:42 AM
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Default alif maqSuurah

As-salamu Alaikum.

If a pronoun is joined to a word ending with an Alif Maksurah, then the Alif Maksurah converts into a normal Ya or a normal Alif.

Example: (Conversion to a normal Ya)

إلَى + هَا = إلَيْها

Example: (Conversion to a normal Alif)

مَعْنَى + هَا = مَعْنَاهَا

My question is: When does it convert to a Ya and when to an Alif ?
Shaykh's ANSWER:

wa alaykumussalam

Group A:
In words like fataa, ma"naa, "aSaa etc, the alif maqSuurah is written
as a normal alif. It is only an orthographical change. There is no
change in pronunciation.

Group B:
But in the words "alaa, ilaa, ladaa the alif is changed to yaa in
pronunciation. These are the three words.
This Group B should not be confused with Group A.

We should say with regard to Group B:
These words have two pronunciations:
1) when followed by a noun they end in alif.
2) when followed by a pronoun, they end in yaa.

I hope this clear.
abdur rahim
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Old 01-06-2012, 06:01 AM
irf2k irf2k is offline
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Canada
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I have a followup question:
What happens to words of group A when the mudaaf ilaihi is yaa al-mutakallim?
We have done this in Madinah Book, I think.

When the yaa al-mutakallim is preceded by an alif or yaa saakinah, the yaa al-mutakallim takes a fathah, e.g.:
fataa-ya, "aSaa-ya, mustashfaa-ya, abawaa-ya, ra'aytu abaway-ya, ghasaltu yaday-ya.


My examples:

فَتًى + ي = فَتَايَ
يَدٌ - يَدانِ - يَدَيْنِ + ي = يَدَيَّ
غَسَلْتُ يَدَيَّ

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