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Default يَنْبَغِي أنْ تَكْتُبَ عُنْوَانَكَ بِوُ&

Thank you Tanweer Sahib for your interest in my problem.
I think you are right in saying that third person, singular, feminine form of 'Yumkino' can also be used. This is what I have heard from the Arabic speaking people around me as well. As I am presently living in Saudi Arabia, I have the privilege of getting first hand advice from Arabic speaking people. However communication barrier sometimes becomes a limitation. Moreover, a common native usually does not have a good grasp over the grammatical aspects of their language (at least this is true about my knowledge regarding grammar of Urdu and Punjabi).
When I consider the Urdu and English counterparts of 'Amkana', I find that 'Mumkin', 'Imkaan' and 'Possible' are all nouns. I am trying to make myself comfortable with use the concept of 'Possibility' as a verb.

May Allah increase our knowledge. Ameen.

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