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Default يَنْبَغِي أنْ تَكْتُبَ عُنْوَانَكَ بِوُ&

Assalam o-alaikum.
I am learning Arabic through DVDs lectures of our learned teacher Mr. Asif Mehar Ali, based on Madina Arabic Books. I have completed books 1 & 2 and am currently reading book 3.

I was introduced to the concept of Al-Masdar Al-Muawwal before starting the chapter 17 of Madina Arabic Book 2. Now I am trying to read more about this in Madina Arabic Book 3, English Key, chapter 10.

Here I have come across the following sentence:
يَنْبَغِي أنْ تَكْتُبَ عُنْوَانَكَ بِوُضُوْح
I have come to know, through dictionary, that there is a verb نَبَغَ يَنْبَغُ
I have gone through the conjugation table of this verb on xxx but could not find the form يَنْبَغِي
The form closest to it is تنْبَغِي which is فعل مضارع منصوب for أنتِ

I need help to understand this sentence. I am also finding it difficult to understand that how أنْ تَكْتُبَ is acting as a فَاعِل


Irfan Mirza

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